Why Us?

With our 31 years of experience, we strive to really listen to you, so we can provide creative, custom, cost-effective solutions for you.

Experience - we have over 35 years of combined experience in design and construction.
Creative, custom, cost-effective solutions - every new project and unique client receives a new creative solution, not something regurgitated from a past project.
Save time & resources - with our extensive library of suppliers & samples, we can provide you with many choices without the need to run all over town.

Our 'Concept to Completion' Design System leads you from imagining your dream home or office to living or working in it. Through our unique design process, The Design ExperienceTM and our extensive sourcing and sample library, we design a complete project from the architecturally styled conceptual phase to the fully constructed and furnished interior.

We customize each Master Design PortfolioTM to suit your design needs, choosing only the steps needed from the 12-steps of The Design ExperienceTM.

Please call us for more details and an assessment of your project's design needs.

Services We Offer

  • Project Assessment
  • Concept Development & Research
  • Consultation with Related Professionals
  • Collaboration with Architects & Developers
  • Space Planning
  • Finish, Fixture & Material Selection
  • Furniture Selection
  • Custom Furniture Design
  • Millwork Design
  • Design Presentation & Architectural Renderings
  • Budget Pricing
  • Construction Drawings
  • Specification Documents
  • Tender Documents & Contracts
  • Consultation & Project Management Throughout Construction
  • Decorative Styling
  • Online Consultation

  • Interior design is a complex balance of form & function. As designers, we strive to create living spaces that function effortlessly & reveal their beauty continuously. To achieve this one must understand the sensibilities of the client, the essence of the space & have a passion for design.

    Beauty can be seen on first glance but good design unveils it self patiently over time. A well-designed space addresses everything from the way one navigates through a space to how light fills the space. Good design is effortless in function, comforting to live in & beautiful to see.