About Us

“....an effective living space, enhances your lifestyle, soothes the spirit and delights the eye!"
Kim Schroeder, B.I.D.

Charisma, the design experience, an interior design firm established in 1986, provides complete interior design services to commercial and residential clients.

At Charisma, we believe "an effective living space enhances your lifestyle, soothes the spirit and delights the eye"! The most successful way to do this is to enter into a partnership with our clients to help them reach their design goals. With the extensive experience we have acquired in working on a large variety of projects and by really listening to our clients, we create environments that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Each client is unique and their interior must be an extension of their personality, not ours! Kim Schroeder, the principal designer who heads up the design team at Charisma, graduated from the University of Manitoba with the gold medal in Interior Design. In 1986, Ms. Schroeder established Charisma with the vision to make "good design" more accessible to the average consumer. As a result, Charisma has earned a reputation for professionalism, creativity and accessibility.

What is a B.I.D. & B.Env.D.?

'B.I.D.' is the designation of a Bachelor of Interior Design (prior to 1998). ‘B.Env.D.’ is the designation of a Bachelor of Enviromental Design. To obtain these degrees, all our interior designers studied in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba for 4 or 5 years, attaining strong capabilities in architectural interior design including space planning, detailing and character development.

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