When to use LVT instead of Hardwood

Vinyl flooring has come a long way. Improved manufacturing processes have given birth to really spectacular looking products. Referred to as LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) or LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank). As a designer I always trend to natural materials & products but they aren’t right for every scenario. In the project displayed here, there’s a couple factors that made LVT a vary attractive option.

First, we were replacing the majority of the floor throughout the entire main floor. There was quite a lot of floor to replace & the cost savings of the this rustic LVT versus a real hand scraped hardwood allowed for extra funds to be allocated to other parts of the project. The rustic modern look called for a real weathered look which is can really add to the price of the hardwood.

The second reason is it actually looked good. Good enough to be mixed with real wood details. Good enough to be with the real deal is a huge compliment. Real wood was used on the beams, cabinets, furniture & fireplace details. For a long time putting faux wood beside a real wood would make that faux wood look really cheap & fake.

Third reason, probably the most alluring to the client, was the durability of the floor. With three active young kids & a large energetic dog having a floor that would standup to the wear & tear was essential. This particular product has a 20 year commercial warranty. The durability also gave us the ability to lay the floor from the front door to the backdoor without concern. Laundry room, back entry, powder room, kitchen, dining room, family room & bedroom.

I still love real hardwood & will continue to favour it over LVT but when needed there’s excellent vinyl options.